SSDVYS is a social and spiritual organisation which disseminates the philosophy of Vihangam Yoga, as advocated by His Holiness Sadguru Sadafal Deoji Maharaj.

Our Values

Unleashing Potential

Enhancing individual capabilities for optimal performance in all aspects of life.

Balanced Living

Empowering individuals with physical and spiritual practices for balanced living.

Global Peace and Harmony

Propagating human and ethical values in communities for peace and harmony.

Our Objectives

Education and Training

Providing elementary schooling and vocational training to the needy.

Health Initiatives

Awareness camps for physical and mental wellbeing. De-addiction and natural therapy.

Serving the Elderly

Developing age-care professionals and centers, with serene environments.

'Bring change to the world, by changing one person at a time.'

- Naam Deo, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of SSDVYS